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(pronounced "awglish")

A curious new way to write English.

This is the home of Qglic,
the remarkable new system of written English.

Qglic is phonetic, typeable, and compact. If you're like many English speakers, Qglic renders the sounds of your speech with much greater fidelity than does the incumbent style of written English. And though Qglic is typed with the same twenty-six letters, text written in it is typically just six-sevenths the length of the same text in current English!

Want to learn more? Read the Qglic tutorial or dive right into the collected works.

Visit the Qglic forum website too! Say hello, share your thoughts and questions, and see the latest community news.

Xis iz x hom uv Qglic,
x remqrkubl nw sistm uv ritn 'Gglic.

Qglic iz fnetik, tuypubl, and kqmpact. If ywr luyk meny 'Gglic spykrz, Qglic rendrz x saondz uv yor spytc wix mutc greytr fidelity xan duz x inkumbnt stuyl uv ritn 'Gglic. And xo Qglic iz tuypd wix x seym twenty-siks letrz, tekst ritn in it iz tipikly dcust siks-sevnxs x le'gx uv x seym tekst in krint 'Gglic!

Wqnt t lrn mor? Ryd x Qglic twtoryul or duyv ruyt intw x kjlektd wrks.

Vizit x Qglic forjm websuyt tw! Sey helo, cer yor xqts and kwestcnz, and sy x leytjst kmywnity nwz.

Rafe Saltman, 2008-2010.

Eksept wer notd, evryx'g hyr iz in x publik domeyn. It iz fry t ryprjdws for eny prpjs.

Except where noted, everything here is in the public domain. It is free to reproduce for any purpose.